Street Art

By Axel Lillette.


I’m going to talk about « Street Art ». When we say "Street art" we think of tags and graffitis but it can be a means of expression.

Part n°1: Street Art

Street Art is a artistic movement that was born in the street some thirty years ago. Banksy is the most dignified representative. He's regouping all forms of art on the street, or in public places, and encompasses various techniques such as rapid wall graffiti, advertising, stencil, mosaic and sticker. It is mainly an ephemeral art seen by a large public.

Part n°2: Banksy

Banksy is a british graffiti artist whose work is sold for lot of money. He comes from Bristol in the South of En gland. He began in the early 1990s. The tone of her work is sativical and darkly humorous. Is comman themes are anti-war, anti-capitalist and anti-establishement. He often uses images of policement, apes, soldiers and rats.

Part n°3: Basquiat

Basquiat was a famous American artist born in Brocklyn in 1960. He started as a graffiti artist in a dua with Al Diaz, called SAMO. He had a troubled family life and left home at fifteen. To survive, he sold painted t-shirts and handmade postcards. Later, he became a very famous “Before guard” painter who exposed in museums around in world.


As a conclusion we can say street art is a very developed art that uses several methods when it is realized. On the one hand graffiti is prohibited by the law because it is considered a criminal act. I think street art is a good thing, it allows artists to convey messages all by having an extraordinary design.